After attending the first annual AGM for the EPLWA January 13-14th, league structure and planning became a true reality for all clubs involved. Head coach Adam Becker and club owner/GM John Crouch attended in representation of the South Sound side.

Our club are in the preliminary stages of locking down a schedule for our season and with that comes a lot of mttfieldwork. Our first initiative will be locking down a field to call our home. Tacoma offers a few options that we are looking into currently, all are run through the Tacoma School District. Other areas we are contacting this week will be University Place School District, Sumner School District and Clover Park School District.

There is a familiar tune to all of this- “School District”. All fields that are game quality are all multi-use football/soccer fields and are all owned by the school districts in our region. We will remain engaged in any conversations around the area about building a soccer specific stadium for the South Sound that is not school district owned.

On the player side, we anticipate holding trials around March 15-16th (the weekend after Sounders U23s  open trials). We also are preparing announcements on player commitments at a press conference to be held at Doyle’s Public House mid-February.

Organizationally, we are looking to bring on game day staff and media based interns to build this club that lives on a budget. Any interest in working with the EPLWA should be directed to With that in mind, we are also currently seeking partnerships and will pursue this heavily once a home field is locked down.

As for the league and news surrounding all clubs stay tuned to the official EPLWA website.

Stay tuned to and our Facebook page for the updates as this great season develops!